2018 resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year! When does it become unacceptable to say that? Anyways, it is the new year, and with a new year means new resolutions and goals. I know there's a lot of argument against new year's resolutions, but I don't see the harm. In my humble opinion, we should always be striving to be …

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year in reflection

7 Lessons from 2017

2017 felt like a constant battle. I dealt with a lot of (pointless) drama during my last semester of college, I graduated, I moved (twice), and I started a new job; looking back, it really wasn't all that bad. This was a year of growing up and discovering a lot about myself in the process. …

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kim honiball

Where Have I Been? An Honest Life Update

Photo by Sarah Stone follow her on Instagram at sarahstone_photography and check out her portfolio at sarahstoneportfolio.weebly.com You may be wondering ,"Where the heck have you been, Kimberly?" It's been almost a year since I last posted on this platform, and for that, I am terribly sorry. The honest to God answer? I've been dealing …

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